At CPRW we’re neither proponents of cookie-cutter solutions, or a design dictatorship. Egos get checked in at the door around here.


A Forward-Thinking Practice

We are a practice with considerable collective experience globally, and locally. Across the gamut of design, from architecture to interiors, and most things in between. Yes, you could say we have our fingers in lots of pies, and that’s just how the team likes it.

Boundaries get pushed, past experiences called upon, and strengths are tapped. Perhaps most importantly, that diversity of experience and knowledge helps to inform and challenge clients from a point of view they may not have expected.

Our team members enjoy a diverse range of hobbies and pastimes, including motorsport, ice hockey, surfing, tramping, model building, cycling, athletics, and coaching junior sport to name a few.

We also have a very competitive (and moderately successful) office football team.

CPRW is proud to support the following charities; Dementia Auckland, Auckland City Mission, and Woman’s Refuge.


A Design Pedigree You Can Trust

For over 80 years we’ve altered skylines, having been the team behind Auckland’s first high rises, and minds, establishing the University of Auckland main library building. Today we continue to produce reasoned, thoughtful, and considered designs for our clients big and small, throughout the Pacific region.

Innovation Is Our Future

While acknowledging the importance of past achievements, we realise that the future success and growth of CPRW and our clients, rests with the ability to maintain a fine balance between revolution and evolution, across all aspects of project delivery.

Technology such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) software and Virtual Reality (VR) are having a positive and beneficial effect on the way we document and deliver projects, from inception to completion – and beyond if clients require it.

The way we use VR technology is especially valuable at the front end of projects where being able to experience any proposed new environment virtually, offering a multitude of benefits over and above more traditional ‘3D’ renderings, or artists impressions.

VR provides a spatial awareness for the experiencer that is not possible using conventional presentation methods. It also provides a platform for clients in service related industries to conduct staff training in a virtual environment if required.

The simplest way to explain it, is that clients can walk through the doors of their new project in a virtual environment before any build costs are incurred. Alterations can be made to the design that you see and ‘experience’, without harming the budget.

VRTUE (Virtue Reality Touchstone for User Experiences) is our own platform for developing bespoke virtual environments. These take the form of both static, and animated simulations. The animations provide an intelligent and interactive platform for the observation and analysis of how future environments are likely to perform and how inhabitants will likely behave. This enables the many and varied stakeholders, each with a different perspective, to provide informed and constructive ‘first-hand’ feedback on any proposed design. Before a real wall is built.


A Client and User Centric Methodology. 

Architecture or spatial design, one size does not fit all. Our approach is based upon a simple premise – that open dialogue, coupled with the appropriate research and subsequent synthesis of information, leads to the best possible outcome for you and your customers.

We firmly believe in placing the user at the heart of any solution. This is especially relevant in today’s world where the user experience must be enabled through the seamless integration of services, systems, technologies and environments, without unnecessarily over complicating that experience.

Establishing the project brief at the outset is critical in not only proving clarity of design intent, but also in facilitating a high degree of cost certainty as early as possible in the design process.

You may want assistance in determining what that brief is. We can help with that too. Through a tailored methodology, which can incorporate a variety of research and briefing methods, we’ll get you working with the right minds from the talented team at our East Street studio.

Not to mention identifying the most appropriate partners from our network of specialist collaborators, both here in New Zealand, and abroad, when required. These specialist collaborators encompass customer insights & research practitioners, together with retail and workplace strategists based overseas with a truly global perspective.

Start Talking.

To us you are the crucial design element.

The insights we glean through conversations with you provide the inspiration that turns good design into great experiences.

Conversation creates.

We’re listening.


80 Years Young

Our practice is built on a long history of excellence. We turned 80 at the end of 2020.

Established in 1940 as Massey Beatson Rix Trott Carter and Co, the founding Partner, Horace Massey, was one of the most prolific architects in New Zealand. Massey designed many stately residences, as well as commercial and public buildings through the 1930s and 40s which still define our cities and towns today, collecting 4 Gold Medals from the NZIA along the way.

The practice progressed rapidly during the post war building boom of the early 1950’s and soon became one of Auckland’s leading architectural firms. The city’s first high rise buildings and University of Auckland faculty buildings – including the main library – are among our many achievements.

Renamed as Curtis Penman Read Williams in 1974, we built on our reputation, gaining further recognition as leading architects in the retail banking sector.

Our collective experience was further enhanced early in 2016 with David Morgan and Wade Jennings becoming directors of the practice.

Since then, and with the support of the wider CPRW team, Wade and David have been implementing a strategy to take the business into new territories. Territories which are mutually beneficial to CPRW, as well as our clients and collaborators, both new and old.

Boundaries will continue to get pushed, past experiences called upon, and strengths will be tapped. Perhaps most importantly, that diversity of experience and knowledge will continue to inform and challenge clients from a point of view they may not have expected.


2022 PCNZ Property Industry Awards Merit
Central Energy Trust Area – Speedway Pits and Entrance Plaza Redevelopment

2022 NZIA Western Architecture Awards Winner
Central Energy Trust Arena (CETA) Entrance Plaza

2022 NZIA Auckland Architecture Awards Winner
Shortland & Fort Commercial Lobby

2021 Best Design Awards Silver
Central Energy Trusts Area (CETA)

2021 Best Design Awards Bronze
Central Energy Trusts Area (CETA)

2021 Best Design Awards Bronze
Central Energy Trusts Area (CETA)

2018 Best Design Awards Finalist
Generator Britomart Place

2017 Best Design Awards Finalist
Air NZ Premium Check In

2015 Interior Award Finalist Craftsmanship
Lantern Ceiling 300 Queen Street

2014 Best Design Awards Finalist
381 Great South Road, Greenlane

2013 NZIA Local Award
Lincoln Road, Henderson

2013 NZIA Resene Colour Award
Lincoln Road, Henderson

2013 Best Design Awards Bronze
Cameron Road, Tauranga

2013 Best Design Awards Colour
Cameron Road, Tauranga

2012 Best Design Awards Bronze
Constellation Drive, Albany

2012 Interior Award
Constellation Drive, Albany

2008 NZRIA Design Award
ASB Bank, St Lukes, Auckland

2010 Best Design Awards Bronze
Deco House

2008 Best Design Awards Silver
ASB Bank, Westfield, Albany

2008 NZRIA Retail Design Award
ASB Bank, Westfield, Albany