Deco House

Deco House

The Parnell House was designed in 1936 by Auckland architect  A.C Jeffries as the residence for Mr Maurice Yock, made famous in New Zealand for the manufacturing of the New Zealand iconic jandal.

The modern design rubber jandal was first patented in New Zealand in 1957 by Maurice Yock after a trip to Hong Kong, where he had saw the Japanese Sandal manufactured from plastic.

The Parnell house is a unique piece of 1930’s modernism in both it’s British art deco design influences and the unusual use of rusticated weatherboard as a deco house cladding.

The brief  required the sensitive rebuilding of this character home in the spirit of the deco era, while at the same time creating a modern home for a new family to enjoy within heritage zoning restraints.

The tall triple height bay was originally two storeys with the roof as a bedroom terrace. The refurbishment extends the bay up to incorporate a panoramic harbour view from the bathroom.

The base of the original residence has been rebuilt to both incorporate a full basement fitting a large residence requirements, and also return the house to the original elevation design.

Formally laid out landscaping from the street front back incorporates stepped formal lawns, and a paved platform forms a base upon which the tall bay and imposing residence sits.

The street front will become a continuum of the boxed hedges, tailored planters and metalwork of the neighbouring residences.

A stately residence from an earlier era has been returned to it’s grandeur through a sensitive and at the same time modern design approach.

2010 Best Award Bronze